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Placing the customer at the heart of all we do

We focus on the ultimate reasons our customers are buying our products or services. That’s why we recently adopted an approach called ‘jobs to be done’, or JTBD for short, to keep this way of thinking front of mind. As product managers, marketing and communications specialists, and sales and service teams, we build successful relationships with our customers, understand their JTBD and then make sure we develop innovative solutions that meet their needs.



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Growing your expertise

Working with our partners Miller Heiman, we offer a commercial training programme which shows how the JTBD approach can help us better understand our customers’ needs and how our sales approach should use this thinking. We provide commercial and management training, encourage professional development and offer tailored courses on presentation skills, strategic selling, and on marketing and product management. Many people in commercial roles work on projects or attend training courses across multiple businesses which gives us the opportunity to develop new skills and a better understanding of the bigger picture.

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Life at Oxford Instruments

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Marketing Manager

After university, I applied to Andor for a quality control role within Operations. It wasn’t directly related to my degree in Physics, but I’d heard good things about the company so I applied. I was then given the opportunity to help out in the Marketing department with the launch of their first ever catalogue. I really enjoyed the work, so when a permanent role came up in that department I asked my manager if I could apply for it. He said to me that they always encourage people to move throughout the business if there’s the chance to do so. So I became Creative Services Assistant, and after a while I started learning web coding and moved into website development. Eventually my manager left and I stepped up into the role I’m in now.

I’ve been given opportunities to train and the freedom to try new things. I’ve been encouraged to improve and to develop myself. In my current role, I was sent on the Management Development Programme which was hugely beneficial. It’s a nine day training course, over three different periods throughout the year. It was really useful and gave me a good grounding in management principles.

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Sales Engineer, Central Europe

Before I joined Oxford Instruments, I worked in a small laboratory for two years as a lab technician. I’m quite an extroverted person, so I wanted to be more sociable and in touch with others, rather than just noting down measurements. I joined Oxford Instruments about five years ago, in a sales role, where having this technical background actually fits perfectly. I’m in touch with customers and colleagues every day and I feel much more comfortable.

I like the challenge of working for a global company, because I have the chance to work in other areas if I want to. Oxford Instruments are creating tools and processes in cryogenics, etching machines, cameras and so on, so I think that if I decided to do something new, I’d be able to find a way to do it within this company. What’s great is that I get training, I have trust from my manager and I get to see the results that our customers are producing each day.

It’s quite diverse here, with employees from all around the globe, so you’re connected to different cultures, different people. We regularly get in touch with colleagues from Asia or from the US and we all benefit from our shared expertise. It’s a healthy mix of experienced and new colleagues, so we’re always learning every day.

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Americas Sales Manager

Asylum Research has always been known as a company focused on science. It has a stellar reputation and it has certainly lived up to that expectation since I joined the company. There isn’t an average day in Sales. Part of the role is about helping academic customers to find the ideal instrument for their research or help solve a problem for our industrial customers. I also work with colleagues across different parts of the company to make sure we not only deliver the best microscopes, but also the best after sales experience through training and technical support.

I had a lot of technical training in my first year. Everyone at Asylum Research is an expert in their field, so you get to learn a lot from your colleagues.

My job offers me a better work life balance and a flexible schedule and this helps me be productive at work and home.

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VP Sales and Business Development

One thing that really attracted me to Oxford Instruments was that it’s a very high-tech environment, where you’re operating close to the customer. We’re end-to-end, so we can really add value and sell opportunities to the customer base. I found that really interesting, so even though I joined the business in Operations, I soon saw opportunities elsewhere and I’ve been in a market facing role for a number of years now.

My title is Head of Business Development for the product market space. So where we’ve identified the market segments that we want to grow in, my role is all about understanding our strategy. I’m looking at how we approach our new customers and increase our market share. There’s a real international element to what I do day-to-day, so I can be in contact with our internal teams across the world, or with customers across these regions. My day has to be quite flexible, which makes it quite interesting, and I travel a lot, going to conferences or visiting customer facilities.

I’ve been involved in the Management Development Programme and more recently I’ve had formal Sales training. Business-wide, we invested hundreds of thousands of pounds to compete in a global market. We need our people to be trained with the best techniques and manage our sales pipeline in the most efficient way.

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Sales Director for EMEAI

I actually have a degree and PhD in Chemistry, but I’ve built my career in sales and marketing in the scientific instruments industry. I like the balance between the scientific and commercial aspects.

What attracted me to Oxford Instruments was seeing the way that the company is moving forward. We've launched a number of cutting edge products for our customers. We’re focused on innovation and continuous improvement, and not necessarily just with our products. We're taking on a lot of sales training and looking at new approaches to upskilling to giving the team the tools they need to succeed.

My day-to-day role is mostly strategic. I spend a lot of time with our customers and in the field with my sales team. I collaborate with different parts of the organisation to make sure that we're following our plan to meet our business commitments. Longer-term, I’m working on how we bring different parts of the business together and develop sales approaches to tackle new markets. It's really making sure that we have the right structures and people in place to deliver our business, not just for today, but into the future.

I travel a lot as you can imagine in my role, and the hours I do are demanding as you’d expect with a director, but I always find time to ride my bike and go to the gym and spend time with my family and friends.


Creating your own path

Our commercial staff are integral to our success, and that’s why we’ll support you to have a meaningful and interesting career. We’ll encourage you to take ownership of your own development, with structured frameworks to help you to identify different opportunities. Your manager will be there to support you, as you plan a development path that meets both your own aspirations and our company needs.

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